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Some Tips For Effective Stockholder Management

In most of the cases, businesses find it hard to meet the expectations of stakeholders. Experts are of the opinion that management of projects or programs within their constraints is not an easy task to accomplish and so it can be stated both as an art and as a science. It takes a balance of soft skills and knowledge from the program/project manager. Also, there should be a success-conducive environment as well.

Organisational Maturity Model

Business Transformation


With so many factors involved, here comes the question about the factors to be taken into account to work successfully with the stakeholders. Here is a short synopsis of things to consider and these ideas have worked wonders for businesses when working with stakeholders.

PICARO Lifecycle

Organisational maturity model

Who is a stakeholder? Before actually getting into stakeholder management strategy, it becomes first essential to understand about who is actually a stakeholder?.He is the person, who is actively involved in the projectWho has interest that will either be positively or negatively affected by the performance or by the completion of the project.